FAQ List

Are all of your product packaging materials environmentally friendly?
Can I find out about future products?
Can I find you on social media?
Can I place an item on hold?
Can I provide feedback?
Can I return or exchange my products?
Can I review my order details?
Can I send one of your products as a gift?
Do you ship internationally?
Do your watches come with warranty?
How can I get in touch if I wish to speak to someone about my product?
How do I change the bezel on my watch?
How do I find the watch I am looking for?
How do I login to my account?
How do I replace a missing part?
How do I switch the links on my watch?
How long after I have returned my item will I receive a refund?
How long will my order take to arrive?
I am having problems placing an order, can you help?
I have forgotten my log in details, how do I retrieve them?
My LEGO watch stopped working, what should I do?
What are the benefits of registering an account?
What are your payment methods?
What if I need to change or cancel my order?
Where can I find information on the cookies you collect?
Where can I find out about competitions you are running?
Where can I find out about the press you are involved in?
Where can I purchase a replacement battery?
Where can I read your privacy policy?
Which couriers do you use for deliveries?
Will my details be passed onto other companies?